Our Story

Miguel Hernandez, also known as Lito, or Miguelito “Little Miguel”, as his mother affectionately calls him, has been immersed in the world of Mexican cuisine from a young age. Growing up, he worked in his family's restaurant, El Tejaban, where he gained a deep appreciation for Mexican flavors and ingredients. Lito’s creativity flourished in the kitchen, where he experimented with classic ingredients to create new and unique dishes. The breakfast burrito was a particular favorite among Lito and the kitchen staff. Today, at Lito's Burritos, he brings a fresh take on traditional dishes, such as breakfast burritos, Asada fries, and Birria tacos, by infusing them with first-generation influences and bold flavors. His commitment to quality ingredients and authentic preparation methods shines through in every dish, making Lito's Burritos a must that is sure to satisfy any craving.

Unlike many food pictures on websites, everything you see is just how we cook, present and serve our food to our customers when you dine at Lito's Burritos.